Gustavo Oliveira

Gustavo Oliveira

Guitarist, Software Engineer & Producer

Gustavo Oliveira

FuZion BraSil II Guitarist Gustavo Oliveira mixes Brazilian rhythms like baião and samba with jazz, funk and blues.

The Intervallic Voicing, the ultimate chord theory developed by Gustavo Oliveira in 1991 is not freely available to the music community.

The complete theory and examples can leanered from the video series below:

In his last release, Fuzion Brasil II, A New Concept, he continued to explore his innovative idea of mixing samba guitar comping on top of funk, rock and hip-hop grooves.

As a performing artist, Gustavo plays across Southern California and South.

As a music educator, he produces instructional videos about guitar and composition techniques.

"Fuzion Brasil II, A New Concept" is now available

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Track: "Runge Kutta" from the album "FuZion BraSil II", featuring Gustavo Oliveira on electric guitars, Jeff Andrews on eletric bass, Allen Vizzutti on trumpet and Bernie Galane on drums.
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